My painting are a psychological exploration of a developing sense of self and place. But, they are also about the materials of painting – the ground, and the paint moving across the surface. The physicality of their structure emphasizes the psychological content, and while I am interested in the emotionally powerful moments of life, I am also attracted to the viscosity of paint and gestural movement across the picture plane. My work begins autobiographically, quickly ascending to the tension between the individual and society. I search for that edge, that unsettled feeling, creating imagery that is purposefully ambiguous. My imagined world is slightly threatening, as if something slightly ominous or uncomfortable has happened or will happen, but the viewer is not aware of the specifics of the situation. The content reflects connections and transformations experienced along the path of my life, especially during transition, which is emphasized by the finished and unfinished nature of the visual images on the canvas.

As with life, not every aspect of the picture is developed or in focus. The immediacy of suggested images and gestures also intensifies the moment of transition – what things become developed, and what things go by the wayside.  The marks creating the image rely on the suggestion of gesture to enhance the movement, and feeling of time passing. I also  gesture to emphasize emotional content. In the end, the complexity and variety of mark-making and layering emphasizes the layered emotional and psychological content.   
Artist Statement
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