In this Facebook Project, I find photos on FB that I like, and may paint them.  If I ask for your address, I may be sending you a painting. Here are the rules. If I paint a pic from your photos, I will send it to you for free when it is dry. I cannot guarantee you will like the style, so you can refuse. If you give me an address I will send. This is free. Enjoy.

This re-examines the way we interact electronically.  I express my response to an image by spending time with it to paint it. Then, we need to have an actual interaction that is non-electronic for me to get the painting to you via the snail mail.  In addition, I am keeping a record of the addresses in a notebook - the old fashioned way we used to keep addresses.  

BTW, a preferred way of thanking me if you like the painting would be to post a video of you dancing. (To further support non-verbal expressions!)
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